Monday, January 18, 2010

Yosemite National Park – Ten Lakes – September 12 & 13, 2009

This was my third time into the Ten Lakes area and this time I was leading a local Sierra Club trip. I really enjoy hiking in Yosemite in September because the weather is so nice and in general the trails are less crowded. I probably saw the most folks I’ve ever seen hiking in September this time around. There are no pictures with this blog because I decided to skip having a camera given this was my third time here.

The start of this trip did not go as planned due to some unexpected delays related to logistics but things got sorted out. The hike into the basin was very enjoyable and we had nice weather. By the time we hit our high point on the trip the clouds had built a bit and we did get a little rain. When we got to the lake the weather cleared and we looked for a good spot. There were several people already camped out and we didn’t spend too much time looking for a perfect spot since the group was more interested in getting in some lake time and others were interested in hiking up to the furthest of the Ten Lakes. A small group of us headed up to lake furthest east in the area. There was about a 700 foot somewhat steep climb up the lake but we were rewarded when we got there. The lake is definitely the most beautiful of the lakes I’ve seen in the area and there were lots of great campsites. No one was camped out at the lake I suspect because of the extra effort it takes to get there. After hiking up and then down into the basin you usually aren’t too excited about hiking up again. If I came into this area again I’d definitely like to stay at this lake. We headed back down to camp and started up a campfire, which led to a good time of swapping stories and having good conversation. On Sunday we got up pretty early because of the “Shoo Bears” we heard coming from multiple camps but none of us saw anything. We headed up and out and rewarded ourselves by getting some good Mexican in Groveland.

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